3 Approaches to Treating Toenail Fungus

In most situations, toenail fungus is an aesthetic issue that can cause your nails to become discolored, thick, and brittle. If you are trying to achieve clear nails, there are several ways to kill the fungus and return to normal-looking nails. Ointments Ointments for toenail fungus can range from self-care to prescription-strength medications. A popular self-care strategy is to use vaporizing/medicated chest rub on the affected toenails. You will need to use the product at least daily until the healthy nail grows out. [Read More]

Toe Implants: A Unique Approach To Arthritis

Your feet play a critical role in the comfort of your daily life. Problems with the foot can result in pain and discomfort that might make it difficult to engage in the physical activities you enjoy. One of the problems that people face when caring for their feet is the development of arthritis in the toes. Arthritis typically affects the big toe, and this condition can make it painful to bend the big toe or bear weight on the toe. [Read More]

Why Shoes Matter: What You Put on Your Feet Directly Impacts Your Foot Health

While you may love your flat, $2 flip-flops, your feet probably don't. Comfortable at first, these types of sandals offer no long term support for your feet. This lack of support can cause problems with your feet over time. From arches that fall to bone spurs that form, all because your feet didn't get enough support while you were walking. Other shoes, such as high heels, may feel supportive, but your feet are in such an awkward position when the shoes are on that walking can be difficult. [Read More]

What Are Those Small, Red, Swollen Patches On Your Feet After Spending Time In The Cold?

Have you come inside after spending time out in the cold winter weather and found that you have some red, swollen patches on your feet? These patches may seem most prominent in areas where your toes rub together or where your feet rub against your shoe. They're probably a bit sore, and they might itch. Chances are, you're dealing with something known as chilblains. They're not overly dangerous, but you do need to address them properly in order to prevent infections from developing. [Read More]